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Computer Class


As the computing subject leader I cannot speak highly enough of his contribution to our school computing curriculum and the CPD hew has provided for staff has created a new confidence when delivering computing lessons. The children have reignited their love for computing and in a recent pupil voice one thing was prominent and that was how much they loved Computing Reddy and how much they have enjoyed their recent ICT lessons. He has gone above and beyond when it comes to promoting computing and his after school clubs have been a success. Reddy is someone we will invite back to our school time and time again.

Melanie Egan, 
Deputy Head teacher 

Belthorn Academy, Blackburn

Reddy’s relationship with both staff and children is exceptional as he delivers lessons in an extremely fun and engaging way – enabling him to get the very best from every child – resulting in a rich and exciting curriculum across the whole school.

Steve Hill
St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Shaw

Reddy has a lovely, calming manner with all the children. He sets high expectations of both behaviour and standard of work produced. Children are given very clear modelling of activities supported by simple, easy to follow instructions. He instils a supportive and reflective practice by giving each child the opportunity to showcase their work thus creating enthusiastic learners who challenge themselves.

Melissa Taylor,
Year 2 
Holy Trinity Primary School, Dobcross

It’s rare to come across a standout talent like Reddy. Reddy has been an integral part of the team at Holy Trinity Primary School. He has expertly filled the role of computing teacher, making a significant impact on the learning across all year groups. Reddy would be an asset to any school.

Amy Richards
Year 5 Computing Coordinator
Holy Trinity Primary School, Dobcross

 Fantastic sessions this morning with our Year 5s. Reddy Lenge was great with the children, they all responded well & learned lots about coding (as did I!) I'm looking forward to continuing what you started. Thanks so much for coming in!

Suzanne Cummings,
Year 5

Lyndhurst Primary - Focus Trust

Reddy came to our school and taught a wonderful lesson on camera shots to two Year 4 classes. Every child was engaged throughout and it has already impacted the way they use the iPad when filming; adding a more complex layer of thought to their process. Following the lesson, Reddy led a staff meeting on Green Screen. As ICT Subject Leader, I’ve had many staff meetings where managing pace and not overwhelming less confident members of staff is difficult. Reddy engaged everyone throughout, leaving even the biggest technophobe with some confidence. 
Since the session, two classes have used green screen in their lessons! I can’t recommend Reddy Computing enough. Thank you!

Melissa Darby,
Year 4 Computing Coordinator

Woodlea Primary School, Lancashire

It’s always such a pleasure having Reddy in our school! He has a great manner with our children and they are always so engaged in his lessons. He has helped to shape our Computing Curriculum and he’s covered some really interesting and exciting topics that we wouldn’t have been able to without his expertise.

Katie Thornton
Greenacres Primary Academy, Oldham

Reddy has a fantastic subject knowledge and passed key Computing vocabulary to the children in fun, memorable ways. I am extremely impressed with the children’s confidence with this key vocabulary and how they can apply this to things they do in their day to day lives, not just in Computing. Reddy was extremely helpful for me as well as I now feel more confident with the program and have a greater understanding of key curriculum objectives

Heather Ogden,
Year 4,
Hey With Zion, Oldham

Such a fantastic afternoon working with Reddy. He successfully taught 90 children and 3 members of staff in 2 hours. Our children and staff enjoyed using green-screen to make reports linked with their topic of Islamic civilisation. Reddy also stayed behind after the school day to make sure the staff felt confident. I can’t recommend him anymore!!! Thank you.

Sami Pointon,
Year 4

Bare Trees Primary School, Oldham

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